Life Change

Are you finding your feet in a new life space?

Perhaps you have you recently experienced a divorce, a move, a new job or a change in life role?

Have just come through some major life change and still feel a little off balance?

Do you feel the need for some support to help get your life back into focus?

Change brings loss and loss brings grief, but loss can also represent freedom, and change the start of something new.

Have you recently experienced, the following:
· A relationship separation, divorce or relationship change
· A change in your health status
· A move to a new country or city
· A change in life role
· Family stress or change in situation
· A redundancy or retirement
· Major life change ...
Would you like companionship and affirmation as you experience the life change process?
A Coach can help you re-calibrate your inner compass that points the way forward on your journey.
This is not a time for packaged answers or formulas but for reflection and space to reconcile yourself to a new way of living.
Your Coach can offer a patient ear and support as you find your feet in a new life space.

Life Change Tools

Everyone deals with change and loss in their own way.

It is not appropriate to suggest superficial answers if you are experiencing significant life change, sometimes the only healer is the passage of time.

However, at times of great need we are very motivated to discover fresh perspectives and new ways of looking at old problems, and so we offer the following tools with the hope that they may be of help you.

This is a powerful tool which reveals profound insights into the process of worry:
· position a real or imaginary chair in front of you
· place on the chair your biggest worry or concern
· now imagine a bigger worry (one that you don't already have!)
· what are you thinking about now?
· what have probably discovered that your previous worry, which was your biggest worry at the time, has now been displaced by your new bigger worry
· chase away your imaginary bigger worry, and place your current biggest worry back on the chair
· imagine that your current biggest worry has been resolved.
· has your next biggest worry taken its place?
· wouldn't you be worried about your next biggest worry if your current biggest worry was resolved?
· what does this tell you?
· place your biggest current worry or concern back on the chair
· leave it there and walk away smiling!
I made a video about this tendency to continually worry.
You can watch it on You Tube by clicking here
A stranger knocks on your door and gives you $100,000 every day for a week.
Then they stop visiting and you never see them again.
The question is: would you be angry or thankful?
Although you may not be receiving $100,000 every day, aren't you grateful you received it for as long as you did?
To help you reframe and get some fresh perspectives on your problems, ask yourself these questions:
· I have lost, what have I gained?
· If every problem possesses the seeds of its own resolution, what is the opportunity in my problem, what is a possible resolution?
· What is something "good" about this situation, no matter how small or insignificant?
· Does this situation have any potential positive aspect?
· Can I open myself up to my feelings a little more? What is something I can do to help me get in touch with my feelings?
· Who can I turn to for support?
· What can I take from this experience? What can I learn? Where can I grow?
· Am I flowing with this situation, or fighting and resisting?
· How can I create faith for the future and strength to go on?
The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.
Eric Hoffer
it is often very easy to answer the question "whats wrong" in our life.
However, it is a wonderful thing to have a non-headache or a non-toothache but so often we do not think of the joy of not having these things until we experience them and then want them to go away.
Similarly, isn'the it wonderful to be able to breathe, drink a glass of water, or be able to see? When we have these things it is so easy to take them for granted.
You may wish to try this exercise.
1. On a blank sheet of paper list all the things that are "wrong" in your life
2. On another sheet of paper list everything that's "not wrong"
3. Throw away the list of everything that's wrong and focus on whats right!
If you are experiencing difficulty finding anything positive in your life, you may wish to try this tool to help you get into a more positive space.
Get a pad of paper and write down:
· any happy memories from your life
· people that have loved you, spent time with you, accepted validated or supported you
· anything that others have done for you
· all gifts you have received:
· presents: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
· everything you can enjoy that are free or inexpensive
· all forms of abundance that you can see around you!

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