Overcoming Obstacles

Would You Like To Find A Way Through The Obstacles?

Once we decide to make changes, we discover that obstacles arise.

This is because most of us are "in like" with the idea of change and "in love" with the ways things are right now.

Being human means that a part of us is naturally resistant to change.

The first time we are presented with a new way of doing things, our natural inclination is to choose what we know - what feels safe and familiar.

An excellent Coach perceives possibilities within yourself that you may not have imagined.

But they are also honest and compassionate enough to suggest when you may be selling yourself short, or settling for less.

Being coached is a unique experience - the focus is solely on you and your wants, desires, needs, dreams and sometimes your disappointments and failures.

During the sessions, your Coach will help you get to the crux of things and examine in a supportive and constructive environment the beliefs and habits that may have held you back from achieving the life you want.

For example, your Coach may raise the concept of "wants" versus "needs."
What we usually want is a quick and pat solution - a band aid - but if the problem is too large and important or we cant seem to move it forward by ourselves, what we need are new ways of looking at the same old things.
Our module New Paradigms and Perspectives® helps you move out of old ways of thinking and explore new and exciting ways to live your life.
· A new house?
· Your own business?
· Financial freedom?
· A fulfilling relationship?
How would it feel discovering how to achieve your goals and get what you want out of life?
At Paradigms Life Coaching Ltd we have the experience and skills that can help take you towards the life you have always wanted.
Contact us to discover how we can assist you to begin creating the life you secretly wished you were living!

Tools To Get Unstuck

· Get a blank sheet of paper
· Write down 10 things you want to achieve during your life
· Now label each goal as follows:
· A short-term goal - < 3 months - label it with an S
· A medium-term goal - < 2 years - label it with an M
· A long-term goal - < 10 years - label it with an L
· Now select the 3 most important goals, under each category
· Imagine how you would feel if you could achieve each goal.
If you want to achieve them you will need to have a plan, take action and develop strategies to make them happen.
Like some feedback and support with that?
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If you feel a little unhappy - try some of these:
1. Act happy - even if you don't feel it. A smile gets other smiles which makes a lightened happy heart!
2. Enjoy the moment. Happiness is seeing the wonder and recognising the special things that are happening every moment. Smell the roses, talk to a tree.
3. Get outside. Is it daytime? Step outside and look at the sky and clouds. Is it nightime? Check out the stars and the moon. Are you in NZ? Is it raining?! Open a window and feel the raindrops on your fingertips.
4. Take control of your time. Set little goals for each day.
5. Take regular exercise - proven to be as effective in treating depression as medication.
6. Get rest. Take it easy, learn how to relax and let go. Allow time for enough sleep and time out to recharge your batteries.
7. Whistle your way through life - or sing a silly tune!
8. Pat your pet.
9. Feed your soul - with a good book, an inspiring read or do some "positive surfing" on the web - Google: "Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!"
10. Make time for and invest in close nurturing relationships. Call up a friend or family member and get together for a coffee.
11. Get out of a rut. Change something. Go somewhere new. Go to the country or the beach and feel the sand between your toes. If you cant go, just imagine it and you will smile!
12. Finally … whatever you give you will yourself receive. If you want to be happy, do something for someone else that makes them happy and you will be happy.

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