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Inspiring Life Stories

What Flies In The Laundry Room Taught Me!

Warning: This post mentions flies - and LP records - if you're old enough to remember them! LPs are 12 inch circles of black vinyl that produce the smoothest most sublime sounds when rotated on a turntable and amplified through a stereo. Back to the flies … A long time ago when I had roommates,…
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Millionaire, BMW, Tropical Holiday, Unhappy.

It was 5am on a cold dark morning when headlights sliced through my curtains to play bright light against my bedroom walls. What the … ? It was my buddy on an airport run. Earlier in the week his first text asked if I could take him at 545am. I replied “no problem” and set…
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The Problem With Life …

Part I - The Problem Life can usually be” handled.” But there are times when the plates you have managed to keep spinning above your head start to wobble … The Final Straw That Breaks The Camels Back Maybe you've been holding things together pretty well but you find yourself in the "perfect storm" of…
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