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Category Archives: Relationships

How Bonnie Revolutionized Her Relationship!

Bonnie walked in looking upset. Because I had seen her many times over the past few months, I guessed that the source of her concern was her relationship. She sat down and opened her heart … She was having issues with her husband Todd. Todd liked to hang out with the boys, but when she…
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In Honor Of A Friend …

Once upon a time I had a girlfriend from Japan. She could be quite jealous. So I was surprised when looking through my old photos, she picked up a photo of my then girlfriend Jo at my 21st birthday and said, "she looks like she's nice ..." “Friends are the family you choose.” Sometimes you…
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We Attract Who We Feel We Deserve

This may be the most important post I've ever written, and one of the most important you'll ever read? I saw the Facebook® post headed "There Were Times When I Wished He Would Hit Me" in Elephant Love, Dating & Relationships Group. What I went on to read was pretty shocking, and far too common.…
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The Beatles, Drag Queens & A Kitten

I am sitting down eating my kebab overlooking the library and the park. I have just bought a house here, and don't really know anyone. I am enjoying the trees, the sunshine and feeding the birds hopping around my feet waiting for a juicy morsel. Out of the corner of my ear I hear a…
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