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Category Archives: Working With Feelings

Tools and thoughts on working with uncomfortable feeling and emotions.

How To Speed Up Feeling Bad!

If you're a Life Coach you're going to get asked at some point in the game; “This coaching thang (and especially you Harley!) is great - but how can I make it go faster?” Then your client looks at you with a half cheeky grin, hoping you're going to whisper a secret way to magically…
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Life Bugging The Heck Out Of You?

Once upon a time on a hot sunny day a King left his palace to take a look around at his Kingdom. The King rode his magnificent stallion through the villages and hamlets, but as the bright day wore on, the horse became very thirsty. So the King asked a monk walking down a green…
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What’s Your Body Saying?

I've been a life coach for over fifteen years, before I coached, I worked in the insurance industry. When I was an insurance Broker, I had a client who ran a clothes boutique. One February when her policy was due, I rang her to arrange a time to meet and do her annual insurance review.…
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Tolerance Does Not Mean Tolerating Intolerance!

After following him on Facebook for years, I couldn't wait to see him in person. As soon as the event was announced I bought a ticket right away, and waited eagerly for three months until the day of his talk finally arrived. I had no idea what he was going to talk about. After making…
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