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20 Free Life Coaching Tools

20 Tools Life Coaches Use are life coaching tools you can use yourself, or with your clients!

It includes tools like:

The Life Wheel – help you decide what's important in your life.
Problems & Potential – how to turn your problems into potential.
The Life Roles Wheel – how to identify your life roles.
Life Is Garbage & Life Is Great – what's great in your life right now?
Conflict Tool - how to look past what's bugging you about someone.
Reveal Your Hearts Wisdom – how to get in touch with your feelings.
The Porcupine Problem Solver – creative problem solving ideas.
The Heart Language Tool – how to hear what your heart is saying.

Relationship Tools:

Relationship Cycles – how to identify your relationship cycles.
Relationship Circle – getting in touch with the relationships in your life.
How Well Do You Know Your Partner Quiz? – a fun couples questionnaire.