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Life Coaching Testimonials

Seeking Clarity & Direction

Going to life coaching has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Firstly I had no idea really of what I expected only that I needed to do something.

I had no clarity, no idea of what I wanted or needed or what I was doing, and why I had found a limitless way to be unhappy.

From the first meeting I was made to feel safe, assured of what to expect and a clear outline of the coaching process.

Although I could not quite understand how anyone was going to drag anything that made sense out of me.

I look back now and I feel a million miles away from that person I was three months ago.

The journey from there to now was amazing; I have learnt so many great ways to deal with all that stuff in life that I needed to accept, learn and move beyond.

For me the process of working through the tools illuminated an awareness and prompted a perception on my relationships and experiences.

Harley Storey is a wonderful, calm, gentle being and his guidance steady as I journeyed through and made sense of a life.

Angela S.

Were You Skeptical About Being Coached?

No specific fears, concerns or skepticism or I wouldn't have contacted you in the first place.

I envisaged a professional relationship where someone gave me constructive advice about my shortcomings, and held me accountable for things we'd agreed on.

I probably envisaged a more disciplined existence with my days mapped out in a diary.

How Did You Feel Before And After Your Coaching?

Before - stressed!

After - still very busy but with a bit more perspective.

What Specific Results Did You Get As A Result Of Your Coaching?

I think more about what's happening to me and around me.

I see busyness (and business) in perspective.

If my children ask to do something with me and I'm busy with something else, I'm much more likely to spend some time with them and get back to my study or whatever later, the paperwork will still be there.

Another example, a friend from overseas rang last week to say he'll be in NZ for a few days and I'm cancelling an operating list and a clinic to take him fishing on Thursday.

It feels a bit selfish but those patients will still be there the following week.

The main benefit has been allowing myself to see the big picture.

I haven't incorporated a million new disciplines into my daily routine.

I'm hopefully seeing the wood for the trees and enjoying life a bit more.

Thanks for your assistance.

Brett W.
Senior Optometrist

How Did You Feel Before Your Coaching?

I had an issue at work with bullying and my Manager suggested coaching to work on my assertiveness skills.

What were your perceptions before your coaching?

Someone to talk to who would give me advice and tell me what to do.

What were you skeptical of before being coached?

It wouldn't work, that the issues were just me and I wouldn't get on with the coach.

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from being coached?

Lack of confidence and finances.

How Did You Feel During Your Coaching?

Supported and understood.

It can feel confronting having to take a hard look at yourself, but well worth it.

What results did you receive as a result of being coached?

Increased confidence and new insight into who am and what I'm capable of.

I don't feel guilty taking time out for me.

What did you enjoy the most?

Discovering, with guidance and tools, that I had many of the answers, but didn't know it.

Three benefits I received were ...

1. Tools to build my confidence and support me then, now and in the future.

2. Insight into the person I am and continue to grow to be

3. Support during the loss of my father and helping me find my "new normal"

How Do You Feel As A Result Of Your Coaching?

Enlightened. I have a better understanding of myself

What can you do now that you couldn't do before your coaching?

* Confidence to stand up for myself and say no when needed.

* Take time out for me (and not feel selfish doing it).

* Feel that I have much to contribute to the team at work

* Able to give short presentations to staff at work (I hate public speaking and never had the confidence)

What did you find helpful about the being coached?

* Safe and supportive environment to open up about myself and my issues, while at the same time gently being pushed out of my comfort zone.

* Great tools to make you think and see things differently.

What specific results did you get as a result of the coaching?

I'm far more confident, and it comes naturally, it's just a part of who I am now.

I have the tools to deal with bullying at work

I've really grown as a person.

Would You Recommend Coaching?

Definitely would, and already have.

Coaching is a great experience of having one on one support and guidance toward discovery.

It can be hard work and a bit confronting at the start (taken out of your comfort zone) but nothing worthwhile is achieved without hard work.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

Thank you Harley for your gentle but persistent nudging to get me out of my comfort zone and set me on my journey of self-discovery.

Thank you!

Jill O.
EA, Office Manager

Entering a coaching relationship is largely a leap of faith.

Something, or may be an accumulation of things, has brought you to a point where you feel you can no longer progress alone.

What I wanted was clarification and direction, what I feared was that too much time would be spent indulging my inertia, with the same old ground covered each week, and no progress made.

It's also easy to feel skeptical; is this just going to be a standardized set of sessions, tools and exercises that are applied to every client, regardless of their issue?

And will I be encouraged to develop a dependency on this relationship and end up lacking the confidence to trust my own decision-making?

What I discovered was that my fears and skepticism were unfounded.

Harley was unreservedly interested in me as an inpidual, and equally concerned to empower me in my decision-making.

Our sessions were very involving, often provoking, and always insightful.

The exercises I was asked to complete were enormously challenging for me, often taking me well outside of my comfort zone - but proved to be extremely revealing and valuable.

Perhaps the most surprising aspects of coaching for me were just how dynamic a process it is, how action focused the work is, and how quickly progress can be made.

I received some very concrete results from coaching.

Specifically, I have a clear concept of where I want take my career, how I want to live, and the direction and content of my future.

I had no clarity of any of these issues prior to coaching.

I would recommend the coaching process to anyone who is struggling for insight and direction, or who is feeling overwhelmed by too few or too many options, or who feels stuck in a cycle of living that they feel is not serving them well.

In my experience, coaching is a vibrant process, it brings positive energy and motivates focus and this will lead to positive action.

Carol B.
University Professor

Magnificent Motivation!

Prior to commencing my coaching, I was a little unsure what to expect and nervous about talking with someone I didn't know at all about reasonably private things.

Harley straight away made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I found him very easy to communicate with - and he has a great sense of humour.

He was professional at all times and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekly chats, coming away from them on a high.

The benefits I received from being coached by Harley are, I believe skills that sometimes we forget during stressful times such as positive thinking, communication and motivation.

Harley helped me in all these areas especially positive thinking - I now go out on my bike loving the exercise rather than thinking - I can't be bothered doing this!

I will really miss my weekly chats with Harley and wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone who is looking at getting some life coaching.

Jamie H.
Home Executive

After ending my coaching sessions with Harley I feel more focused, which was the main concern for me.

Harley helped me identify not only what was holding me back, but also why.

The why, which Harley approaches very effectively, is of most importance because with 'why' I found reason, this then helped me find a solution and gain more understanding of the issues I was concerned with.

I now have more clarity and knowledge of myself, this has helped me in more areas of my life such as relationships and my career.

I now understand the importance of life's gifts and serendipity. Harley has taught me that life provides you with all the tools you need to cope with any given situation.

This has proved invaluable for me and set the foundation for finding a silver lining in every cloud.

Positive thinking and thought has provided more confidence not only in myself, but also in my actions.

A great lesson from a good teacher.

A recommendation to anyone who has forgotten about how big and beautiful life is.

A chance to sit with someone who's only concern is about you, what you've done and where you want to go.

A pleasure by any standard.

Jacob H.
Sales Executive

I have been working with Harley for some time now.

I genuinely believe I have made incredible progress with the personal issues I needed help with.

With Harley's guidance, insight, compassion and understanding I continue to develop as a person and feel much more positive about my future.

Marie J.
IT Executive

Work Life Balance

My understanding before the coaching was that I would be talking to a person trained to clarify my muddled thinking, however I was afraid that the coach may not be able to unravel the jumble.

As a result of the coaching I feel much clearer in my way ahead, having been heard, challenged and helped in the clarification process.

I achieved clarity about my next moves as a result of the coaching, and also strength in the process being the safe, supported space that enabled my to identify my options and select my own way forward, rather than tick one of the boxes given to me.

Because of this, it has been easier to feel comfortable about the major decisions the coaching enabled me to make.

Graeme K.
Travel Franchise Manager

After ten years Graeme returned for more coaching. Interested to know more? Read next ...

Hello Harley

I would like you to know how helpful our last coaching sessions have been in helping me identify and clarify a way forward in this recent major direction change in my life.

When I first sought your help 10 years ago, I was so impressed with how you helped me untangle a complicated situation and show me how to move on.

The message was so strong that I somehow knew you were the right person to approach and once again, in your unthreatening but quietly challenging way you have guided me to a point where I am very confident with my future path.

The toolbox you use enabled me to work out for myself what is right for me with your very present understanding of my issues, and guidance.

If ever anybody needed a recommendation for your coaching, I would be very happy to give it.

Thank you and best wishes,

Graeme K.
Travel Franchise Manager

Hi Harley,

I wanted to write to thank you for your coaching over the last three months.

This email is one way to show to myself that I am willing to push back boundaries, but also to express my appreciation at the tremendous support you have given me by coaching me.

Thanks for your humour, your emails, your homework, your phone calls, and your birthday card.

Top of the list for immediate action was to think positive and like myself.

Then I needed to implement workable ideas that would work for me every day, like affirmations, trust myself, meditation, be myself and stick to my needs and my values in life.

You introduced me to new views, habits, ideas, books, articles, websites.

It was an interesting time - discarding thoughts and behaviours that were no longer productive, but highly unproductive.

Harley, thank you so much for your coaching, I feel much more in control of my life.

Kate H.

Career Confidence

My name is Emma, several years ago my role was disestablished during a restructure in our organisation.

I was a highly qualified and experienced with several years of post graduate study under my belt.

I took a year off work to try and figure out what was next, and then ended up working in our business part time while my kids were in their teens for a few years.

I put my head in the sand, knowing I was avoiding looking at my next step.

The only thing I did know was that I was finished with my previous career.

This year we made some decisions about the business meaning it was time for me to take that next step. I wanted to do something different. I had so many ideas and options - I just wasn't sure where to even start.

After googling job ads and training options for weeks, I finally realised I need some help.

So I googled career coaching instead.

Cue Harley Storey, Career Coach extraordinaire!

His name popped up at the top of the web search page.

Within 24 hours I had a reply to my contact email.

The whole process was crystal clear and straight forward.

Harley, with his many years of experience and skills, took me through a journey during my sessions with some clear goals for me to put into place when I was ready.

The complete experience was enlightening and helped me to weed out what it was that I really wanted for my future career pathway.

The activities he led me through were interesting and fun.

Harleys ability to read a situation and guide me through my uncertainty was a key part of the process.

I can highly recommend Harley as a coach and his career coaching process.

It was very good value for money.

I came away feeling relieved and much happier in myself with some clear goals in place in a time frame that worked for me, not to mention a process I can use well into the future to revisit things.

Thanks Harley - the best thing I have spent money on in a while!

Emma L.
Registered Medical Professional

I approached Harley for help because having moved to New Zealand a few months before I was looking for meaningful work but was having real difficulty deciding what kind of work to do.

I have a varied work background I wanted to try something new and find a new challenge, but was struggling to identify what that challenge would be.

To be honest I was unsure about what to expect from a careers counsellor and didn't want to waste money, but feeling frustrated by my efforts to date (endless job searching online and sending off CVs), I decided to meet with Harley and judge for myself whether I wanted to take things further.

When I did meet with Harley my fears were soon put to rest as it was obvious that he was genuine in his motivation to help me, and had significant experience to bring to the task.

I have to admit that the process was challenging at times, which with hindsight was to be expected, otherwise I would never had needed Harley's help in the first place.

There were definitely times when I wavered as I came up against the real reasons I was struggling to decide on my future work, and it became obvious that these harder moments were a necessary part of the process.

At these times Harley's skill as a life coach as well as a careers counsellor came into play then and he skillfully guided me through.

Harley provided a range of tools and exercises to identify the component parts of my ideal job.

This was an interesting and fun process and it was satisfying to start to gain clarity about the sort of work I was looking for.

As a result of these exercises we came up with a set of clues that I could use to score possible work options, and Harley produced a short definition which encapsulated my ideal job.

It was this clarity that allowed me to spot an opportunity that came out of the blue and which has now led to training with a job at the end of it.

I'm sure that without Harley's help I would have been blind to that opportunity and let it pass me by.

So, looking back, my initial scepticism about whether career coaching would deliver the goods were unfounded, and I now find myself undertaking a new and exciting career, and am happy to say that Harley definitely delivered "what it said on the tin" and I can definitely recommend him.

Sean M.
IT Executive, Recent Migrant

How Did You Feel Before Your Coaching?

My employment came to an end towards the end of the 90 day trial.

I needed to get some clarity so I didn't make the same mistake again and to try and gain some confidence after the shock and disappointment.

What were your perceptions before your coaching?

That this would clarify what the right job would be for me.

What were you afraid of or reluctant about?

The fact there would be a gap on my CV as I didn't want to have to explain to a future employer I had been previously dismissed, it was embarrassing and degrading.

How did you feel during your coaching?

Relaxed and comfortable.

What Results Did You Receive As A Result Of Your Coaching?

I have learnt what my strengths are.

What did you enjoy the most?

Thinking outside the square as I contemplated the worksheets and answered face to face questions.

What were three benefits you received?

Confidence, cathartic and confirmation that I wasn't in the wrong.

How Do You Feel After Your Coaching?

More confident!

What can you do now that you couldn't do before?

I have more information accessible to add to my CV regarding skills and strengths.

What did you find helpful?

It made me face up to what occurred and cleared emotions.

What Specific Results Did You Get?

I realized that despite what occurred that I am a good person and would be an excellent employee for a company.

Would you recommend Paradigms Career Coaching?

Yes, it has given me clarity and confidence before attending interviews.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

Harley is a great listener, polite and very professional.

Tracey G.
Retirement Village Manager

P.S. How Tracey found us is an amazing story!

She had recently been made redundant from her position and was having a "pick me up" lunch with some friends at a sunny waterfront restaurant in Auckland.

During her scrumptuous three-course midday meal, Tracey noticed a diner at the next table wearing a T-shirt with the company name "Paradigms ..." (nothing to do with us!)

She thought this was an interesting company name so when she arrived home she jumped on to her laptop, Googled "Paradigms" and found our Career Coaching site - which was exactly what she was looking for!

Hi Harley

After our last session and with some time to reflect and look at the job market both in Auckland and abroad, I feel that I have reached my goal that I had when I first contacted you.

This goal was to get some direction in which to take my career. You have provided me with what I feel was the crucial insight and fresh perspective to look at my strengths and what I am passionate about.

Obviously sports - but you made me feel good that I was into sports and that I actually did possess the skills to follow my enthusiasm into a career.

After applying recently for the player and event management position this crystallized my thoughts and really clarified that this is the career I want to be involved in.

Without our sessions however I wouldn't have realised that this career has 80% of the characteristics I really want in a job.

I feel the time has come for me to approach some possible employers with my enthusiasm you have given me.

Once again thank you for your help - you have been outstanding to deal with, I would not have the career direction I have now and I will highly recommend you to my other friends who are disillusioned in their employment!

Thank you for all your help.

Yours sincerely

James B.

Moving Forward, Going Places!

Before Coaching …

Before the coaching I was unsure of which direction to take; I had a wealth of experience and expertise and had a very strong feeling that I needed to do something that would make a difference by utilizing my talents.

I had a number of ideas but needed someone to provide clarity for me.

I was uncertain that I would really find clarity, I had been to a number of coaches previously and had not been able to find clarity.

I was afraid that I would again invest my time and money and come away feeling that I still had not made any progress.

Based on my prior experiences with other coaches, I was afraid that I would be wasting my time and concerned that the coach might not have had the skills, and expertise to truly understand my challenge and goal.

After Coaching…

After the coaching I felt energized.

Being able to talk openly with Harley and have, him reiterate my strengths and accomplishments was an amazing feeling.

I came away with a much clearer direction, going into the coaching my gut was very subtly telling me I should follow a certain direction and through Harleys unique intuition and ability to carefully and slowly ask the right questions, I came away with exactly the desired outcome I was looking for.

Talking with Harley openly and coming away from each meeting feeling energized and focused was what I enjoyed the most.

Now …

I am so extremely grateful to have met Harley and been able to utilize his unique system.

Now I'm able to focus on and put all my energy and faith into my new direction.

Harleys unique ability to listen and focus in on the real problems that were holding back from pursuing my dream was extremely helpful.

I gained direction, clarity, a sense of value, a sense of pride and the ability to focus in on what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be.

I would recommend Harley without a doubt, he has a very unique ability to read people and understand their situation.

Tony E.
Senior Medical Executive

I am writing to you to thank you for the coaching I have received over the past few weeks.

Though initially I was concerned about the cost and length of time that a series of coaching sessions would take, I now feel that it was money well spent and really appreciated the fact that you were able to alter you schedule to suit my needs.

The coaching sessions where at my pace and allowed me to come to my own conclusions. I always felt at ease and the tools you gave me really helped me to gain clarity and direction.

Although I had some idea of which direction I needed to take, I was still very unsure in making the decisions that needed to be made.

Through the series of coaching sessions, I became much more focused and gained the direction that I was looking for.

I now have the confidence that the decisions I have made are the right ones, and feel that I have greatly increased my chances of being successful.

Once again, thank you very much for your help and much enjoyed coaching sessions.

I would recommend you to anyone looking for direction in their life and career.


Michele J.

What Were Your Perceptions Before Your Coaching?

I half-expected to be told to follow a particular vocational direction. I assumed you would almost make the decision for me.

Once however, I began speaking with you, I appreciated very quickly that such decision-making was my responsibility - not someone else's.

I suspect I simply needed to talk with someone who was completely devoid of preconceived ideas about my job and me.

Everyone I spoke with previously had their own ideas about whether I should, or should not remain with my employer.

I made the decision to conclude my current career following discussions with you, something I found very difficult to consider before I met you.

Were Your Expectations Met Or Exceeded?

I think I really expected to hear you say, if not immediately then certainly later, that I should remain or go.

On reflection, a good coach simply "coaches and supports" - they do not specifically point in one direction or another. That should come from the "pupil" - and it did, with coaching.

I incorrectly thought I needed counselling - not coaching!

Yes, my expectations were met and ultimately exceeded.

How Do You Feel As A Result Of Your Coaching?

I thought more about myself than I had ever done before and why I sought to make such change.

I also began to appreciate that my job had a degree of stress and anxiety about it that had been with me throughout my entire flying career. I had however, always convinced myself that I was on-top of all that "stuff".

But, having made the decision to leave I visited my Doctor on an unrelated subject and as he does every 6 months, took my blood pressure.

For the first time in nearly 30 years it was down to almost normal for my age group.

Maybe I had simply fooled myself into believing everything was OK for 30 years when in reality it was anything but.

What Results Did You Receive As A Result Of Your Coaching?

I quit my job and don't regret one single second of that decision.

What was more important to me - my job or my life?

If I use the analogy that coaching is training, teaching, educating and not simply being given the answers one wants to hear, then the result of coaching was very positive.

I ultimately made the decision for myself - you did not make the choice for me - but you assisted and supported me to that end.

Kindest regards - sincerely

Adam J.
Airline Industry

I found myself at a crossroad in terms of which path to take.

I had been to counsellors before, however I wanted to do more than discuss emotional issues, I wanted to plan my life from a holistic perspective and felt life coaching could aid me with this pursuit.

I was skeptical at first and fearful about wasting money on something that did not work, however I called and was reassured that I was not making any commitment that I could not back out of.

During my first session with Harley my fears were laid to rest.

We quickly identified my talents, passions and the obstacles which were holding me back in life.

I felt comfortable and safe expressing my ambitions, fears and old emotional traumas which were holding me back.

The homework assignments were at times difficult, yet fun, and provided me with practical tools which enabled me to learn about my likes and dislikes, behavior and core beliefs.

I entered the life coaching sessions with a particular goal in mind, however, after a few sessions I discovered that deep down I was not interested in this particular path and decided to let it go, which turned out to be a huge relief.

Harley provided me with the wisdom and support I needed to find the strength to change direction and be true to myself.

I would recommend coaching to any person seeking the type of tools and information which can assist them in finding their true path in life.

Harley's coaching is a great vehicle for providing this information and guidance.

Kind regards

Irene A.
Small Business Owner

If you would like to discover more about how Coaching can help you create the life you would love to be living, call me on 09-625 9463.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Harley M Storey
Life Coach, Managing Director