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Alcoholics Amazing Livers!

Did you know that your liver has an amazing capacity to repair and re-grow itself?!

If you've ever wondered why heavy drinkers can improve the state of their liver, it's because liver cells only have a life span of around 150 days.

"I can take 70 per cent of a person's liver away and around 90 per cent of it will grow back within two months," [!] explains liver surgeon Dr. David Lloyd.

But that's not all - over ten years you grow a completely new skeleton.

Some parts of your body like your eyes and brain cells, remain the same throughout your life, but other parts such as your eyelashes are renewed in as little as 6 weeks!

When I get a new client and I ask them how old they are, or if that's too sensitive a question, ask them for their "date of birth for my identification records" which is completely true.

I then do a quick mental calculation to see if they fit within a 7 Year anniversary, because it always amazes me when I get so many clients at multiples of 7 years - such as 35, 42, 56 … I've got two aged 49 at the moment.

And clients a year or so either side of a 7 year cycle, such as 48 or 50 are also very common.

Why is that?

7 Year Cycles

It's due to a phenomenon called 'The 7 Year Cycle."

The theory of 7 cycles suggests that after any significant emotional event a 7 Year Cycle of processing the emotions surrounding that event is created.

Cycles of 7 years are all around us - the most obvious is the 7 days that make up “one week.”

No doubt you have heard of the "7 year itch" in relationships, which is often the time people consider their relationship with their partner.

The most common years for divorce are around the 14th and 15th years, or subsequent multiples of 7, like 21 and 28 years.

In many countries it is common to celebrate a “21st Birthday Party” as a rite of passage - a public celebration showing that the child has now come of age.

For example, from an amateur study of my txts and messages I have discovered that conversations have a natural flow every 7 interactions.

I might txt my buddy and after another 6 or 7 messages, there is a natural pause in our conversation where it either stops or continues for another round of about 7.

These rhythms of 7, when applied to a 7 Year Cycle, mean that each year has its own energy and “feel.”

Would you like to learn more and work out where you are in your own 7 Year Cycle?

Click Here to get your "7 Year Cycle Tool"®

The Cycle of 7 can also be multiplied by the Cycle of 3 to create The Power of 21

Researchers also say that it takes 21 days (3 x 7), to form a new habit or routine.

When a Cycle of 7 is multiplied by another Cycle of 7 to create 49, you have an extremely powerful and profound stage.

You can use this knowledge to see if there are any connections with how you are feeling now and a previous significant emotional event.

By calculating the number of years since an event occurred, you can plot where you are in the 7 year cycle.

If you'd like to know more, click here to get your "7 Year Cycle Tool"®!

wishing you the best of days,

Harley M Storey
"The Life Coach Toolman!"

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