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Your Biggest Weakness Is Your Greatest Strength!

School is a time when teachers - a generation older than you - try to teach you with cultural references that were cool and relevant in their day, but now feel utterly and completely uncool and irrelevant to you.

Because I want to choose my own music I never listen to the radio, so I am very sensitive when I am "forced" to listen to something.

So when, at the age of 9, a school trip consisted of going to a small hall in the middle of nowheresville and being subjected to the Gilbert & Sullivan Opera, The Mikado, I was pretty disgusted.

Over the years I've tried to blank out the horror of that experience from my memory, but I had flashbacks every time I heard a song from the show, especially "Three Little Maids."

Another musical I despised for its uncoolness was The Sound Of Music.

But coming to an understanding and appreciation of jazz later in life, I was amazed when I heard John Coltrane - probably the greatest sax player ever - do his version of "My Favorite Things."

It shows that just like a well designed house, a song with good "bones" can be recycled, reinterpreted and repurposed.

Remember how I despised "Three Little Maids"?

Well I heard the song again recently, and to my surprise I decided that I quite liked it!

Maybe that's because I'm so desperate to be cool?

You know because it's cool to like what is uncool - but I really do like it!

(I am also annoyed that ABBA is cool again!)

Right now you might be thinking, "Yeah that's great Harley, but what the heck has this got to do with life coaching?"

Well what I'm saying is that, given time and effort …

Your Weaknesses Can Become Your Strengths.

Have you ever heard about someone who has always been overweight and unfit and one day a switch gets flipped, the light goes on and they decide they're going to run a marathon?

And then 6 months, or 12, or 18 months later, they run a marathon and after collapsing over the finishing line they are helped to their feet by their husband / girlfriend and through dripping sweat, panting for air and shortness of breath, they try to shout about how exhilarated they feel and how although the last 10 miles hurt like heck, there was no way they were going to give up?

That's an example of someone who by effort and determination applied over time, has turned an area they were "weak" in into an area they are strong in.

I remember when I was 12 years old at my school physical education class - the one where you have to do run and lift weights, etc.

I finished the bottom of my class and I still remember the sad and disgusted look on my teachers face when he realized how unfit I was!

But he would've been shocked to see that not long after that I got a paper route - two actually - and I went from someone who was weak and unfit to being an excellent runner.

Later on, I also raced off-road motorbikes, which is a very physically demanding sport.

And all these years later I still have the legs of Adonis!

So here's the take "out" from today:

In the short term your weaknesses are weak, so play to your strengths.

But if you work at them over the long term, your weaknesses can become your strengths.

Because every weakness has a flip side - a corresponding strength.

Your greatest strength is your biggest weakness.

And your biggest weakness is your greatest strength.

So you go gurrl !!!

You go guy!

As "that" shoe company says, "Just Do It!"

And if you would a little something to help you on your way, click here to get the "Flip Side Tool®!"

wishing you the best of days,

Harley M Storey
CEO, Executive Coach
"The Life Coach Toolman!"

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