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Life Coach Lessons At The Beach

I've been feeling low today.

I've been letting someone and something go …dreaming of a new beginning.

I went to a favorite cafe and sat in the sun, but that didn't do much for me.

I was given marshmallows with my decaff moca latte.

But I didn’t eat them.

I fed them to the sparrows.

I enjoyed watching them chase and steal the crumbs from one another.

They seemed to want to wipe the marshy bits from their beaks and I wondered if I should be feeding them, but they seemed ok.

Then I started to feel better and wondered why … was it because I had taken the focus off myself?

I decided to go for a walk on the spectacular Milford beach, Auckland.

I threw my shoes off and was enjoying the feel of the sand squishing up between my toes when I walked over something that didn't feel like a shell.

I looked down and saw glass from a broken bottle that someone had carelessly discarded.

But it was now glass that had been weathered by time and tide.

No longer sharp but smooth, no longer a pointed shard, but a sparkling element of exquisite beauty.

Isn't it awesome how the persistent action of water, waves + time can transform something that can cut your feet open into something that we would wear around our neck?

So if I keep going, don't give up, and hold faith, maybe my dream will come to pass … probably later and in a different form than I imagined?

And it's a timely reminder that the sharp cutting edges within me can be transformed by love and patience into something gracious, kind, and compassionate ...

All I need to do is sit with the sharp parts and allow the waves and the seasons, the time and tides, to reshape me into something beautiful?

I'm going to sit with that thought today …

wishing you the best of days,
Harley M Storey
CEO, Executive Coach
"The Life Coach Toolman!"

8 Responses

  1. Got up early after a few weeks of discernment processes going on, feeling quite down with my old ways of doing things popping up. Thank you for this post, it was encouraging, and that you were in nz on one of our lovely beaches.
    • hstorey
      You're very welcome Susannah!
  2. I enjoyed reading that. Thanks. Glad you're ok
    • hstorey
      Thanks Stephen!
  3. Cam
    Thanx for a great post!
    • hstorey
  4. Bonita
    I really enjoyed this post and found it inspiring. Your vulnerability and inner strength are encouragement to stay open and authentic even when in pain and facing an uncertain future. Thank you.
    • Harley Storey
      Thanks Bonita - pleased you enjoyed!

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