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Frog Appreciation Day

When you've got to write for a living, you need to have lots of ideas in the pipeline.

I have a 350 page document full of ideas, most of them are mine but some I have collected from around the place over the years.

This week when I was wondering what to share with you, I came across this little story.

It's not mine but in spite of many Google searches I can't seem to locate the source, so if you're reading this and you wrote it, please let me know so I can get your permission after the fact!

A middle-aged man is sitting in a bar, alone with his beer.

A frog hops up onto the stool alongside.

To his astonishment, it starts talking to him.

"If you pick me up and kiss me," says the frog, "I'll turn into a beautiful woman."

The man picks up the frog and puts it into his pocket.

"Hey, aren't you going to kiss me?" complains the frog. "I'll turn into a beautiful woman."

"Nah," replies the man. "I'd rather have a talking frog in my pocket."

Wise man.

He knows that the key to happiness is to want what you have.

Most of us spend our lives doing the opposite - wanting what we don't have.

Then, when we get it, we're happy, right?

Linda Breen Pierce spent three months in a Senegalese village. It had no running water or electricity, and was in the first year of what proved to be a seven-year drought.

Malnutrition, skin ulcers and other medical problems were rife.

And yet the villagers were joyful, vibrant, fulfilled, and loving!

Somehow, in spite of all of life's challenges and disappointments, these people had a greater sense of well-being, a more intimate and rewarding community life, a deeper spiritual awareness and more joy and fun in their lives than any other people I've come to know.

Gotta feel sorry for them - no-one ever told them that happiness is impossible without a 60" TV.

Happiness tool here!

wishing you the best of days,

Harley M Storey
"The Life Coach Toolman!"

4 Responses

  1. I absolutely love this story!! Brilliant!! Thank you for sharing.
  2. Harley, thank you. This is a beautiful and thoughtful post.
  3. Kathleen Cruz Alier
    great lesson. So true. Your blogs are the best. Short and sweet and to the point. One of the few I have time to read. I think about doing a blog from my book - Passionate Pursuits- Three easy Choices for Rebuilding Your Life -( amazon - Kathleen C. Cruz) but i am content with caring for my homebound husband and volunteering with St. Vincent De Paul Society to help the the poor in Chattanooga, Tenn. Felt guilty for loosing my ambition but content now in retirement.
    • Harley Storey
      Thanks Kathleen!

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