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Stressed? Take Dave’s Advice!

I'm a drummer.

I love music.

When I was young, the louder and the rockier the music the better.

I couldn't stand jazz, or understand how people could like music that I felt had no passion.

Back then, I felt jazz was all in the head, not in the heart.

As I've matured (at least a little!) I have come to appreciate music of all genres.

Country and Western. Rap. Classical. Pop. Jazz, Fusion. Reggae …

One of the most popular tunes, back when jazz was made by cool swingin' cats was Dave Brubeck's track, Take 5.

I love the fact it's in 5/4 time, and not 4/4, the time most popular music is in.

This gives it a lilting feel and a drop to the melody.

But this email is not about jazz, music or 5/4 – although it is about time.

And how we seem to have so little of it these days, which reminds me of what happened last week …

I was meeting my friend Tim, an auctioneer who's regularly on TV in New Zealand.

We belong to a meditation center and were going to meet at a café.

I suggested one but he said he knew of another that had "the best coffee in the city!"

Well I couldn't wait to discover this new hang out …

Long story short; we had our chat and James went on his way.

Afterwards I sat down in the sun reading the newspaper, when a guy on a bright red bike whizzed by and pulled up at the table beside me.

He parked his bike and disappeared inside to grab his coffee.

When he came out, he sat at his table.

Yes. Just sat there.

Doing nothing.

In a busy city like Auckland doing nothing is a little strange …

I was going to ask him if he was ok!, but decided to offer him part of the newspaper I was reading.

He replied, "No thanks, just enjoying the sun."

I thought about this guy and reflected on

Like a hungry man gorging his last meal, I was frantically reading the paper to see what news I could glean or what important happenings I may have missed.

He was just sittin' there smiling.

He was having fun.

I wasn’t.

The reason I wasn’t was because I wasn’t present with the moment; I was trying to catch the next one before it got away ...

and I know enough to know that if I'm not present with my life, I miss it.

What did John Lennon say?

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

The Miracle Diary Tool® asks;

If you are blessed but don’t know you are blessed, are you blessed?

My takeaway was this: the next time I'm at a café with my coffee in the sun - or at home inside on a rainy day, I'm going to be present with my coffee, my ice cream or my cookie.

Because if I just rush through life without paying attention to the wonder of the moments that make up my day, when I get to the end of my life, I will have been alive, but I will not have lived.

My life will have run through my fingers like sand at the beach.

And I want to know how lucky I am.

Every moment, every day.

As Dave Brubeck says; Take 5.

wishing you the best of days,
Harley M Storey
"The Life Coach Toolman!"

PS Coincidentally, when I went back to take a photo of the café (above), the guy on the red bike was long gone, but a Mom in a red jacket and a stroller taking her baby for a walk sat in exactly the same place that he did?!

3 Responses

  1. Another brilliant observation, Harley...
  2. Nicole
    Great read, and a rare thing for me to read a blog all the way to the end and without skipping content! You’re style is very relatable
    • Harley Storey
      Thanks Nicole!

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