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What’s Your Body Saying?

I've been a life coach for over fifteen years, before I coached, I worked in the insurance industry.

When I was an insurance Broker, I had a client who ran a clothes boutique.

One February when her policy was due, I rang her to arrange a time to meet and do her annual insurance review.

She told me she was unable to meet me because she had suddenly gone blind.

I felt for her loss of sight and her situation, but I was naturally curious as to what had happened, when and why.

Some months later her vision returned, and when I met her she told me she felt she had lost her sight due to the extreme stress of her marriage breakdown and her children taking sides after the split.

As that was a pretty dramatic and memorable event, I never forgot that.

We all know that our brains have intelligence – but did you know that your stomach has intelligence too?

There are as many “brain” cells in your stomach as there are in a cat’s head!

And there is an information super-highway between your gut and your brain.

So talking about “gut feelings” or being encouraged to “trust your gut instinct” is more than just a handy metaphor.

That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach looking at your credit card balance after a holiday where you ate, drank and spent too much, is a great example of the brain-gut connection!

Your body communicates with you through physical symptoms, and this phenomenon of the body expressing unconscious feelings, is why if a client feels stuck describing what they're feeling, I often ask, “where is the stress in your body?”

I've never had anyone reply, “nowhere,” – proving that this question is a great way to help people identify their feelings.

So it's probably not too radical to suggest that along with your brain and your stomach, the rest of your body has intelligence too.

Some masseurs say that as they massage clients, emotional memories stored in the muscles of the body can be released.

One massage therapist told me that recently she was massaging a client’s neck and shoulder muscles when her client began to weep.

The clients said that as she was being massaged she remembered the feelings of her Fathers passing many years before.

Somehow she had been carrying the emotional memories of this loss in the muscles of her neck and shoulders.

Knowing that the most common causes of death are heart attacks and strokes, I've often wondered if heart attacks arise from feelings that finally break our hearts, and strokes from thoughts that we just can't get our head around?

The location of pain in our body is a clue as to what our body is trying to tell us.

On page 57 of 101 Tools Life Coaches Use® you will find the Listen To Your Body® tool!

It describes bodily symptoms, along with the message your body may be trying to send you, such as:

Sore Throat, Loss Of Voice or Speech
Is there something you are afraid to say?

Ear Ache, Hearing Loss or Deafness
Is there anything you don’t want to hear?

Headache, Migraine, Stroke
Head pain can represent thoughts you don’t want to think.

Eye Twitch, Declining or Impaired Vision
Is there something you do not wish to see?

Jaw Pain, Teeth Grinding (bruxism)
Is anything “gnawing” at you?

Neck Pain
Is there something you don’t want to turn around and look at?

Stomach Pain
Are you feeling deeply emotionally conflicted?

Chest pain or Heart Attack
Are you processing loss or grief?

Restless Leg Syndrome
Is there something you are trying to avoid or run from?

Indigestion, Constipation
Is there something you just can’t stomach?

Gall or Kidney Stones
Is something “galling” to you?

Inflamed Appendix
Is there something you are really “hot about”?

Back Pain
Do you feel like you're carrying a burden?

Listen To Your Body® is just one tool from 101 Tools Life Coaches Use®.

You can check Out 101 Tools Life Coaches Use® Here!

wishing you the best of days,

Harley M Storey
"The Life Coach Toolman!"

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