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Do You Need Love To Live?

I was 15, in High School. I was a bright disruptive student more interested in being the center of attention and making the girls laugh than learning. Our classroom was on the second story of the school building and during a particularly boring Science test one day I had an idea. I made sure I…
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The Circle Of Life …

Yesterday morning I … attended a funeral for an amazing lady. In the afternoon I visited a good friend suddenly taken ill in hospital. And I ended the night with a party where the hostess had so many friends she had to hire out a nightclub to fit everyone in for her birthday. Having seen…
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Al’s Love Picture

My niece was visiting from her home 6 hours away. I love it when she visits. We just seem to click. She loves to paint and draw, and one day as we were clearing my P O Box, we walked past a shop selling art prints. I had been to my P O Box many…
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