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We Attract Who We Feel We Deserve

This may be the most important post I've ever written, and one of the most important you'll ever read? I saw the Facebook® post headed "There Were Times When I Wished He Would Hit Me" in Elephant Love, Dating & Relationships Group. What I went on to read was pretty shocking, and far too common.…
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What’s Your Body Saying?

I've been a life coach for over fifteen years, before I coached, I worked in the insurance industry. When I was an insurance Broker, I had a client who ran a clothes boutique. One February when her policy was due, I rang her to arrange a time to meet and do her annual insurance review.…
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Frog Appreciation Day

When you've got to write for a living, you need to have lots of ideas in the pipeline. I have a 350 page document full of ideas, most of them are mine but some I have collected from around the place over the years. This week when I was wondering what to share with you,…
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Tolerance Does Not Mean Tolerating Intolerance!

After following him on Facebook for years, I couldn't wait to see him in person. As soon as the event was announced I bought a ticket right away, and waited eagerly for three months until the day of his talk finally arrived. I had no idea what he was going to talk about. After making…
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